With Azura Payments, you are able to open an MLM merchant account that makes it easier for both your customers to pay with credit cards and your business to securely and conveniently accept them.

Multi-level marketing businesses are always considered “high risk” in the eyes of the credit card associations. Typically, companies who operate this type of business model find it difficult to establish a solid merchant account that will provide a long-term solution.

Azura Payments will help your company set up multiple merchant accounts located Domestically or Off-Shore if needed. We typically recommend that multi-level marketing companies have at least one or two US banking relationships and potentially one Offshore merchant account. We only work with merchant banks that understand the MLM model and have a commitment to work with this type of business model.

Azura Payments has the expertise to decrease costs, streamline the number of vendors you work with to process payments, mitigate fraud, expand globally and scale any legacy platform to a true billing solution that will last.

We will look at the total picture which includes reviewing your current platform, evaluate your actual costs and your chargeback totals.  Based on our experience we will offer our recommendation and move forward. By implementing some or all of our customized recommendations, you should see a savings of approximately 5-40% in both soft and hard costs. This represents thousands of dollars in annual savings, so let’s get starting today.